Achievement Outline

Nationally & Internationally Recognised Benchmark Qualifications

When it comes to Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Voice, Drums, Keyboards/Piano, and even Banjo, the options are plentiful and the pathway to nationally and internationally recognised qualifications, comprehensive.

An audition will determine where to start. From the Pre-Debut (absolute beginner) level through to Grade 8 and the Rockschool Professional Diplomas* (DipRSL/LRSL) in one of three pathways (Performance / Teaching / Creative Professional), our staff can take you every step of the way.

*The Rockschool Level 4 Professional Diploma (DipRSL) is nationally recognised as equivalent to the completion of 1st year Uni Bachelor of Arts/Music and the Level 6 Pro Diploma (LRSL) is equivalent to a University Degree (Honours). 

Work Towards Performance At Whatever Level You’re Aiming At

Whether you want to play live gigs, busk, play in church, play with your mates, or even just for your own enjoyment, there are skills you can acquire to make you the best musician you can be.

From learning covers to writing your own songs, developing your ear skills, learning another instrument, becoming a bandleader, or musical director, TMA can coach and guide you to whichever end you desire – professional or casual.

Exams are optional, not essential and the curriculum can be tailored to suit your goals and abilities.

Have a chat with us about what you want to do and how we can help you achieve your goals.


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